First Contact

Well, hello to you, beautiful stranger!

Hello Online World! 

As this is my first blog post, I feel introductions are in order. 

My name is Courtnay Hough. I’m currently a special education high school teacher in Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve been at this for 11 years (it hurts to type). I started as a gullible mark in the Teach for America program in Los Angeles in 2007, and have remained both a teacher and largely a mark this whole time. I don’t like to brag, but I have a Master’s in special education and a wealth of related knowledge. 

Teaching is hard, and doesn’t get easier, but I have been enormously helped by the kindness of strangers out there in the internet. I have “borrowed” most of what I use to teach now. Without said kind strangers my class would largely consist of powerpoint and tears. Grim. 

To thank these nameless life savers, I have decided to jump into the fray to offer my own ideas, sources and emotional support to all of you in the trenches of education. 

Now you! Who are you? You’re a new teacher who needs some ideas. You’re an old teacher who is looking to spice up your class. You’re a college student who has to do a project to teach something to the class and the rest of your group left you hanging, as they do. You’re people who are just trying to teach someone something and you aren’t a teacher and you need ideas- like yesterday. You’re curious about teaching and looking for an honest account. Or, maybe you just followed a click hole here that started by searching for a pie recipe. No matter who you are, welcome! I hope you find something valuable here.  




I co own a design and production studio, Humming Moose Studios having just decided to follow a long time dream of having at least one peaceful moment a week. I was an 11 year special education teacher who has worked in every grade level in three states. I have a masters degree in special education from Loyola Marymount University.

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